Partners & Shoutouts

The following partners and friends have generously contributed their time, expertise, products, and funds to make the 86 Challenge time attack series possible. Please refer to them first for all your track car needs!

GT Radial is committed to grassroots motorsports support, offering both Championship Prizes and Contingency Programs for 2019. Championship Prize and Contingency participants must register their vehicle in order to be eligible, and, of course, GT Radial product use is required to participate in the program.

Please visit this page for rules and additional details about the GT Radial Championship Prizes and Contingency Programs.

What's in a name? Annex Suspension Group™ is a team of deeply passionate engineers, road racers, and enthusiasts, all aligned to the same goal - maximizing the enjoyment of driving the car you love, every day.

The word "Annex" can mean a separated room or geographical area. For us, it stems from our core belief of creating new and innovative suspension products that are differentiated from what's already on the market. Our customers share these same values. They look to us when they just haven't found a product that offers the right combination of performance, balance, quality, or value.

We started this journey with the intention of creating products that aren't just marketing hype, but bring tangible value to you in the form of suspension products that are rigorously tested and carefully engineered to bring lasting joy on each drive.

Our commitment to you: We will do whatever we can to take care of you, our customer, as it is our customer's satisfaction that keeps us going after many long nights at the office/ lab/ racetrack. It is your satisfaction that fuels us, and we will do whatever we can to ensure your enjoyment with our products as long as you own them.

We are a group of driving enthusiasts who primarily drive the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ sports cars. And we love to DRIVE! Our passion motivates us to get together with other like-minded individuals, and share the fun.

Scott Grasso started out as an 86 owner who loved to take pictures. He came out to some of our events to hang out, and eventually started taking beautiful pictures of our cars on track. He does this for fun and for the benefit of the community. Last year, Scott donated a number of photo albums and prints of our adventures on track as prizes for the end of the season. Please visit his website to see the awesome pictures that he has taken for us: Contact Scott directly for information on purchasing pictures. Thanks, Scott!